Camp Fircom Part 1- Gambier Island

Camp Fircom is an off-grid facility which has many out buildings on their 120 acres of Gambier Island. Our fist phase of the project involved removing Xantrex XW inverters from the “South Camp” and extending their micro grid to include South Camp. It then involved re-commissioning those inverters with the addition of another to create a second bank of XW Inverters. The end product was 6 Xantrex XW inverters set up as 3 phase Master and Slave resulting in 36 kW of inverters. The next phase includes further optimization of generator communications, power management and renewable energy.

Works included:

  • Expanding onsite 600 Volt distribution grid to include facilities at the south end of the camp that had been separate in the past.
  • Installed 3 Xantrex XW6048 inverters in a three phase slave configuration to support the existing inverter installation which was also repaired and recommissioned as the master inverter bank. The final result was 36kW inverter system able to handle the Camps peak loads.
  • Installation of an additional bank of batteries of 2475 Ahrs to supplement the existing bank of 2475 Ahrs.
  • Re-programming the existing Cummins Generators to optimize communications with Xantrex equipment and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Upon commissioning the generators are routinely off for 16-18 hours a day
  • Working with Reid Wylde┬áConsulting on Photovoltaic and Micro-hydro Feasibility and System Design.
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