Steve Unger, P.Eng

Steve Unger is a Profession Engineer with 20 years experience in many diverse fields including: bio-medical, automation, telecommunications, software and quality, and now designs and installs solar and alternative energy solutions. Steve has worked in Canada, the US, France and Ireland.

He and his family live on an organic farm in Sooke, where they are homesteading and going off the grid. Their natural/cob home stores summer sun in a solar battery under the house for winter heat. He recently installed a 6.3 kW PV solar system, and installed two solar pumps for irrigation.

Steve and his wife Mary are co-owners of InishOge organic farm, a heritage 130 acre farm is Sooke. Together they are rebuilding it into an organic farm and demonstration permaculture centre on southern Vancouver Island including alternative energy solutions for living and farming.

Steve is a certified Permaculture Designer. Steve was an Ambassador for the David Suzuki Foundation from 2009 to 20011 and is currently a director of the Sooke Region Farmland Trust. He is one of the founders of the Green Café, and started the Crazy Sustainable Commute in 2010 by canoeing to work.

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