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EV Charging Stations

Level 2 EV Charging Stations for Residential Customers

What You Need to Know

For Home or Business

Integrating EV charging into your home or business to power your electric vehicle is a simple and sustainable solution that will benefit your family, staff and customers for years to come. These benefits are not only in reducing your carbon footprint, but also in cost efficiency by saving you maintenance and gas costs by using an electric vehicle.

System Information

We install Level 2 EV charging stations that use a 240- volt electrical connection. This installation can be done in your garage or outside of your home or business. When choosing Viridian Energy, we offer an affordable and convenient way to charge your electric vehicle at home or at work.

EV Charging Stations Sample Pricing

The information & pricing below is an example of technician fees & related expenses.Estimates will be provided for your specific project. 

Electrician$110 *
Travel$55 *
Vehicle$0.80 / km
Equipment / Material MarkupCost + 15%

Please ask us about the financing options available!

We work with our community co-op financial partners to help make your solar dream a reality.

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How we work with you

Step 1: Assess - Our team conducts a load calculation.

Step 2: Design - Our team works with your site layout and requirements to design a system that serves the needs of your household or business.

Step 3: Installation - Viridian installs the EV charging station. Installation is approximately 3-4 hours, but varies depending on the project.

FAQ: What is battery backup?

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