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Powering Self-Sufficiency Service For Off-Grid

Off-grid Solar Energy System Maintenance

Off-Grid Maintenance

Residential Customers

Viridan provides electrical services to suit your needs and you can contact us for a quote. It is important to properly maintain and service your renewable energy investment, protect your warranties and to ensure that it is functioning most efficiently. When you need to depend upon your power system, you can trust Viridian to keep things working efficiently.

System Information

Electrical service and maintenance on any installation done by Viridian Energy Co-operative can be provided on an as-needed basis. Peace of mind for your renewable energy system!

Viridian provides maintenance & electrical services for existing grid-tie, off-grid or battery backup systems,
as well as services for new clients depending on their electrical requirements.

Off-Grid Maintenance Fee Schedule

*per worker and per hour

Installer / Electrician$100 *
Travel$50 *
Vehicle$0.75 / km
Electrical Materials
(Non-renewable energy equipment)
Cost + 15%

Please ask us about the financing options available!

We work with our community co-op financial partners to help make your solar dream a reality.

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How we work with you 


Off-Grid systems are unique with multiple variables that are location and user specific. As such each system requires a degree of customized design to ensure they meet your needs. The maintenance of your system is also unique and in order to serve you best, we will work with you directly to address any maintenance questions.

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