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What You Need to Know


Although battery backup systems have been around for a while, only in recent years has it become mainstream largely due to the popularization of the Tesla Powerwall. It is important to understand there are 3 different reasons for adding battery storage systems to grid-connected buildings. All of these types of systems can be designed with or without solar.

  • Time of Use Metering Offset
    • When a utility charges different rates at different times of the day, you may want to run off your batteries when the cost of electricity is high and use the grid when the electricity is cheaper. Very common in the US, this does not exist in BC... yet.
  • Short Term Power Outage
    • When you have short-term power outages and you would like a battery system to be able to operate some electrical loads until the power comes back on. You may choose to run only essential electrical loads to keep the energy use and cost of system down. 
  • Long Term Power Outage
    • When you are planning for an extended power outage of days, weeks or longer. You may choose to run only essential electrical loads to keep the energy use and cost of system down. 

Similar to an off-grid setup the design of the battery system depends entirely on the loads that you will need to run when the power is out and the length of time (days of autonomy) you expect to be able to run before firing up the generator or the power comes back on. This can range from a few lights and fridge to a whole house or facility.


There is a lot of selection for batteries and the technologies are evolving. Our policy is to work with you to pick the best technology to meet your budget, needs now and in the future. We work with all types of batteries from flooded lead acid, Aquion, to the latest Lithium Ion.

Grid Tie Battery Back-up Sample Pricing

The information & pricing below is an example of a possible system.
Estimate will be provided for each individual project.

Battery Backup 2.5Battery Backup 5.0BBattery Backup 6.0A
Battery Bank 2.5 kWh
Battery Type AGM
Battery Bank 6.55 kWh
Battery Type AGM
Battery Bank 5 kWh
Battery Type Tubular
2.5 kWh/day5 kWh/day6 kWh/day
Fridge, Lights, Laptop,
TV & Wifi
Fridge, Freezer, Lights
Laptop, TV & Wifi
Fridge, Freezer, Lights,
Laptop, TV, Wifi
& Water Pump (1hp)

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How to work with us

Step 1: Learn - If you have read through this page and done some research you are ready to move onto the next stage.

Step 2: Rough Estimate - Fill out this contact form and we will get back to you to start a discussion about your needs

Step 3: Site Evaluation & Quote - If the rough estimate sounds reasonable, we will book an appointment with you to do a site assessment with the aim to answer all your questions and to generate a firm quote for your project. 

Step 4: Deposit & Contract - Once you are ready to go we will ask for a deposit and for a signed contract. 

Step 5: Installation 

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