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Grid Tie Solar Connected to BC Hydro Grid

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What You Need to Know


Normal Operation
During normal operation, the solar energy system generates electricity when there is enough light out. The electricity feeds back to the house electrical panel and is used by any loads that are running. If you are using more than your produce, your utility makes up the difference. If the production from solar is greater than your use, the excess goes back to the utility through your smart meter (required).


Net Metering
Net metering in BC is the agreement that the utility will credit you for electricity fed back to the grid through your smart meter. Your smart meter can meter both ways so on your bill you will see both energy purchased and energy credited. Credits are applied to your bill each billing period, offsetting your electricity purchases. Excess energy credits are carried over to your account to the next billing period. (Viridian Energy handles the net metering application for you)

Power Outage
With a Solar Grid-tie system, when the grid power goes out your solar energy system will shut off. This is to prevent electricity from the solar array feeding back to the grid and hurting someone while the power is down. You can still run a generator for your essential loads if you have that setup. If you would like your solar to work when the grid is unavailable, you will require a battery backup system.


Upgrades & Options
We will discuss with you options for expanding your solar energy system in the future and make sure the electrical is sized to accommodate expansion. If you are considering battery backup and/or electric car charging in the future let us know.

Grid Tie Solar Energy Sample Pricing

The information & pricing below is an example of possible systems. Smaller and Larger sizes are available.
Estimates will be provided for your specific project. First Year Savings? Typical savings of 40-100% depending on the system and annual usage.

System SizeSolar Panels x 13
Solar Power 5kW
Solar Panels x 24
Solar Power 9kW
Solar Panels x 34
Solar Power 13kW
Annual Energy
5.3 MWh9.8 MWh14 MWh
Approximate Cost$11,000$19,800$28,000
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