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Aug 07, 2017 | Grid-Tie

Bings Creek Recycling Center

Bing's Creek Roof
Bings Creek Recycling Centre
North Cowichan, BC

The Cowichan Valley District (CVRD) hired Viridian to design and install a 23kW Grid tie array on the Recycling Centre and Staff building. These systems tie directly to the grid with AP Systems 3-phase micro-inverters providing optimal energy production and online monitoring for each of the 86 solar panels. This system will offset 28,500 kWh of electricityin its first year and reduce electricity costs by $3,100 annually.

Viridian Energy managed the procurement, oversaw the structural engineering review and completed all electrical work and installation of the system. 

In addition, Viridian was contracted to design and install a custom LED Energy Monitor that customers of Bing's Creek could easily see and read when they drove through. Steve Unger of Viridian designed, procured and installed the system. This includes custom coding and connection to the AP Systems monitoring system. 

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