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Aug 07, 2017 | Grid-Tie

Bings Creek Recycling Center

Bing's Creek Roof
Bings Creek Recycling Centre
North Cowichan, BC

Viridian Energy Cooperative had the opportunity to work with the Cowichan Valley Regional District to design and install a 23kW grid-tied solar power plant in 2016. The system is located on the roofs of the staff building and recycling center. The system employs 88 265W Hanwha solar modules and AP Systems 3-phase micro-inverters. 

The system is generating 28,000kWh per annum and offseting about $3100 from the sites electrical costs. The system installed in late 2016 cost $72,000 ($3.09/watt).

Read more about the system on the CVRD website and this article from the Ladysmith Chronicle

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