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Aug 07, 2017 | Grid-Tie

Peninsula Co-op

Bench Road Coop Gas Station Solar Array
Bench Road
Duncan, BC
  • 5.3kW Solar Power
  • Three-Phase Micro-Inverter System
  • BC Hydro Complex Application

Viridian Energy Co-Op was contracted to design, procure and install this Grid-tie solar system for the Bench Road Peninsula Co-op Gas Station in Duncan BC. This 3-Phase system was designed with 5.3kW of Solar power connecting to AP Systems YC1000 3-phase micro-inverters. We chose the AP Systems YC1000 because there is very limited space at the gas station to install a string inverter. In addition, the micro-inverters optimize production when there is intermittent shading on the modules and provide module level monitoring. 


  • Canadian Solar CSP-265
  • AP Systems YC1000
  • Schletter Asphalt Roof Mount
FAQ: What is a “grid tie” system

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