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Empowering Communities


Viridian Energy Co-operative provides solar energy systems for homeowners in cities, rural & remote locations. We will find equipment specific for your needs and install it safely to code.

  • grid-tie / grid-tie with battery / off-grid
  • roof mount and/or ground mount solar
  • residential home electric vehicle chargers
Residential solar systems

Solar Done Right

  • Customized design and quote for every project
  • Electrical design and installation by qualified and experienced personnel
  • Leak-free, structurally sound investment designed to last a 30+ year lifespan
  • Bulk purchases and a stocked warehouse ensures best price and equipment availability

Which Solar Energy System is Right For You?

Learn more and check out our Sample Homeowner Packages

Solar Photovoltaic Grid Tie

Viridian Energy Co-operative Grid Tie Solar

Suitable for homeowners that are on the Utility Grid and are looking to offset their electrical usage with Solar. 


Off Grid Solar System

Viridian Energy Co-operative Off-Grid Solar graphic

Suitable for remote fulltime or vacation homes where there is no utility power available.


Battery Back-Up Systems

Viridian Energy Co-operative Battery Back-up System graphic

Suitable for homeowners that already have power from the Utility and would like short or long-term energy back up. 


Charging Stations

Viridian Energy Co-operative Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations graphic

Integrating EV charging into your home or  business to power your electric vehicle is a simple solution to reduce your carbon footprint.


How to work with us

Select the service below to Learn More and find links to System Specific Contact Forms

Step 1: Learn about solar

Step 2: Use our system specific forms to contact us

Step 3: Receive a preliminary estimate

Step 4: Schedule a site assessment and final quote

Step 5: Installation

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