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R. Scott Wray

I am very happy with the service I received from Viridian. My install was not a simple few panels on a roof, but they had answers to all the challenges and my questions.
I also wanted to build my own ground mount for the panels and they were willing to work with me, not just for me.
The communication thru the whole job was excellent. I did not find another company that could or would do the same.  Their pricing was also very competitive.
Highly recommended.

Andrew Rushmere

We just had a solar array installed on our home we are so impressed with everything about Viridian Energy Co-op and their work. Their products and components are solid and backed up by a 25 year warranty. The Viridian folks made the whole process so smooth and easy to understand. They were great at answering our questions and generating various system and pricing quotes. They were so easy to communicate with, and are obviously very experienced and knowledgeable. The installation itself was super-quick (one day) and non-invasive and the installation crew was so professional and great to have around our house for a day :) The very next day we were already feeding energy back into the grid in addition to generating for our home from the panels; instant gratification amidst all the other wonderful environmental and financial perks of installing solar. We would highly recommend working with Viridian on your solar design and installation project: we're still glowing from the experience months afterwards :)

Glenn Schentag

These folks were great.
They provided a detailed quote, the best price and a fast installation of a 34 panel array. Very pleased so far. I just love selling power back to BCHydro!

Avril Kirby

I was very pleased with the service, the professionalism and the friendliness of the crew at Veridian Energy. They were informative and helpful and arrived on time and on the agreed day. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting reasonable prices for solar power and a good company to deal with.


Solar installation was seamless from start to end! Thorough review of the roof and the house, very competitive quotes, professional installation, and a regular follow up. Thank you for your service. Highly recommended!

Maureen Jack-LaCroix

Excellent communication, professional assessment & installation, helpful instruction and service. The 28 solar panels on our roof should cover our power needs throughout the year with zero emissions!  I'd highly recommend this organization for solar panels

Wade Cherrington

Great customer experience from site inspection through to completion.  This project had a few tricky aspects including installing the new PV alongside existing solar PV and battery backup system. New expanded system was up and running quickly.

Derek Wilkinson

We really appreciated the helpful guidance from Viridian for planning our solar panel system, and the capable, friendly crew that installed it so efficiently.  Thanks, too for handling the paperwork with BC Hydro re net-metering.  Such great service, right from concept to energy production!

Neil Turner

A true cooperative in name and service. Informative assessment process and knowledgeable staff who deliver a quality product. I would recommend Viridian to anyone interested in purchasing a solar system.

Phil Lancaster

Steve and his crew showed up at the appointed time and put in a very long hot day to install a system that fits the design of our house and aligns with our desire to help in any way we can to reduce emissions. The system includes an EV charger and is tidy and tight.  But the main reason for this review is that I was very impressed with both the quality of work and the courtesy shown to ourselves, our house and our garden.  In short, the service was excellent from start to finish.  One can only hope others see the value in doing this since it offers a better return on investment than many stocks and all banks!

Tommy Braybrook

Over 20 MWh since installation in Aug, 2017!
Absolutely trouble free running, and still as efficient as the day it went in.
Pricing was great, installation was professional and efficient!

Plus, i haven't had to pay a hydro bill since ;-)


This has been a stellar experience! We give Viridian our highest recommendation!

Stanley Hogarth

My daughter and I are thrilled with our new 50 panel installation.The owner and the crew of the company were very efficient and it was  great  to have them here ..I would recommend them to anyone needing solar..The pricing was more than competitive..Thank you ..

Gord Fulcher

Installed my 4.2kw system. Great workmanship and great savings. They did it all.

Susanne Middleditch

Efficient, knowledgeable and really nice guys!

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