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Renewable Energy Systems We Design & Install

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Solar Photovoltaic Grid Tie

Viridian Energy Co-operative Grid Tie Solar

Suitable for homeowners that are on the Utility Grid and are looking to offset their electrical usage with Solar. 


Off Grid Solar System

Viridian Energy Co-operative Off-Grid Solar graphic

Suitable for remote fulltime or vacation homes where there is no utility power available.


Battery Back-Up Systems

Viridian Energy Co-operative Battery Back-up System graphic

Suitable for homeowners that already have power from the Utility and would like short or long-term energy back up. 


Charging Stations

Viridian Energy Co-operative Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations graphic

Integrating EV charging into your home or  business to power your electric vehicle is a simple solution to reduce your carbon footprint.


Off-Grid Maintenance

Viridian Energy Co-operative Off-Grid Maintenance graphic

Off-grid service work provided on an as-needed basis. You can trust Viridian to keep things working efficiently.


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