I just wanted to let you know how happy we are w. the panels.
We are still working off a credit from the summer and although things are getting colder - it is pretty cool that our summer production is paying for our winter consumption.

James Matthew Richardson, Ph.D.

Climate heros, making a business work both financially and ethically.

Terrie Roth

Ryan Windsor Solar Install Central Saanich Vancouver Island

Installation complete! Thank you Viridian Energy Co-operative for doing a fantastic job on our solar project.

Ryan Windsor, Mayor of Central Saanich

Chemainus Solar roof

We were impressed by the Viridian team. Their varied skills and experiences complemented each other. They are very easy to work with.

Glynis and Karen - Chemainus

David Karr Solar INstall Saltspring Island

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with Viridian to get solar panels on my roof. The process was very clear and straightforward with Kuan and the team who submitted a proposal to me that included the cost savings over time that showed me that it was worth making an investment in solar.

David Karr - Saltspring Island

Solar on Hardacker house

The solar panels are an investment to us, adding to the value of our house. A return on that investment is certain, just how much is the question as the cost of BC Hydro continues to increase.

Dianne Hardacker - Chemainus

In the past I have worked with one of the co-op members, Don Skerik, and trust Don completely. Kuan is another member of the co-op team, and is the guy who surveys your location and runs the numbers to tell you whether your situation warrants considering solar photovoltaic or not. Another easy-to-like, trustworthy, knowledgeable sort of guy.

Steve Garnett

Good times continue anytime the sun shines. These guys were brilliant, giving such solid, honest advice followed up by a great installation job. In our world, this was a refreshing change!

Whitehouse Stables

SOLAR_PORTMCNEILL_Vancouver island

I’m enjoying watching my panels generate energy!  You guys were right – it’s a little addictive. It was nice to meet you all and I wish you and your company much success in the future.


Krista Williams

Thanks for the invoice and back up documents. You guys are wonderful to work with :)

Keating Farm

Thanks for the great work on the install. I was having another look at it today and can see that some aspects of it must have been quite challenging and a great job of covering up after as well.

David Slade

I've had my Solar PV system, operating in net-zero mode, for a full year as of the 10th of May 2019.  After comparing electricity bills year over year, it appears that the return on my investment this year is just over 6%, which is much better than I had expected.  The truly surprising part of it all is that I bought an electric car at nearly the same time as I had the Solar PV system installed and my year over year savings on hydro include the cost of charging my car!  While it is true that I don't use the car very much my gas bill for running my old car the year before was nearly $3,000.  I'm not quite sure how to factor in the savings in transportation costs without factoring in the cost of the electric vehicle but, if I just substitute electricity costs for gas costs then my ROI for the Solar system is truly astounding. When all the math is done, the Solar PV system has been the best investment I've made in years.


Best regards,

Phil Lancaster


Phil Lancaster

We just got our first bill from BC Hydro since the solar panels went up on April 16th.  The bill is for the period March 23 – April 29. 

So, even though we only had our panels up for about 2 weeks out of the 4 weeks, that was clearly enough to cause our power usage for the whole month to be ZERO  kwh!!  Wow!

(This is  especially awesome when compared to our bill for the previous month which was $873!)

Barbara Cory

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